Friday, September 28, 2007


Yesterday suboh - 26.09.07.

This was in my thought ‘Is there love?’ I meant in a relationship. Like a ‘true love’ or a ‘soul mate’ and ‘How?’ How long since you said ‘you are in-love to your partner’? Would it matter to say it all the time? Or just once year? Or once only in your life? If you are still with the same partner?

Drama 1

I got a friend. A girlfriend who always tell me almost everything about her relationship with this bloke. For some reason, I believed that we build love like we build a building. Foundation. To build the foundation is not easy. It takes a while and if the foundation is not strong enough, then there’s no love.

Drama 2
My friend been seeing this guy for quite a long time. And he is married. But he still text her and said “wait for me sayang, nyasal me kawin” – “wait for me love, I regret being married”… I cant believe it and I don’t understand. When she showed me the text, I just wish she see it clear. But love is blind. Tell me how blind can love be? She still think this bloke are serious. But I just leave you with the rest.

Drama 3
So another story, also this girlfriend of mine seeing a married man. But already divorced. Married to the man and have three children. Also a sad story. it was a great story at first, then it turn sour. Like fruit you know, oh I give you an example banana. On the counter it looks good, then you bring it home, after few days, it rots. Well another drama.

(This one different senario)

Girlfriend married to this man, got about six children, then this man passed away. She and the children have to move out from that house and rented a house for B700.00. she is a housewife and luckily one of her daughter already keraja.

Drama 4
This woman, also a girlfriend of mine, seeing this man a divorcee. Been together for more than five years now. she doesn’t understand her relationship. Something about this man, only her knew him well, and don’t know where this will go. For how long? I don’t know.

Been thinking a lot. I have noticed that younger woman got attracted to an old man. Tell me about it. Why? Do you want to carry the ‘burden’ of living with an old man? Like, you are beautiful, and here this old man, worst if he is married and have children. Some would probably tell me not all like that. Well, do you know? In my opinion only, you will go through a great deal of rough roads before you actually can tell me that you are in love with this old man of yours.

Examples: I hear lah. Kalau old man for sugar-daddy ok. will supply money and easi kad or pay the bills. Well, is it true? Pay the ticket for traveling if he fly for business trip and splurge you with shopping spree. Whatever brand you want, you get it. But is it worth it? Do you feel special? Being used as a sex object? Is that what you want? Do you feel better that you got this old man do all for you while his wife at home looking after his children? Worst this man would be calling his wife to remind her to not forget to do her solat, ibadat etc?

Oh well, I bring the curiosity for you to figure it out yourself. I have no say, but its just in my thought. Is it worth it? Some man just wants to have fun. But then again for how long? It’s adventurous, exciting and all. Men are born to be a hunter. So woman are born to be what? The hapless one.


PS. I dont know why i am thinking about this myself. its just what i see now kebanyakannya. And the trend is 'scandal among married couple' and its awful and where does marriage stand?

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