Saturday, September 29, 2007


Whole day at home after my 6am - 10am shift this morning. And slept until 2pm. Did my cooking for bersungkai at 5.30pm. Rice as usual, sayor tumis ikan bilis tauge and rebus clear tomyam prawn and ikan masin plus sambal. Just a simple dinner for me.

So as i stayed home the whole day, i text Iril in Chiang Mai. He is doing fine and i am sure he be back on-air soon. He said that he went to visit the temple on top of a mountain in the morning, and it was amazing. I can imagine. You know if you want to travel, you have to accept the you have to accept the 'rough and tumble journey' to wherever destination you are going to visit. A new place and must be prepared. Then it be fun.

So that's what my fren Dj Iril is doing. I am also like him. I love travelling, and love to go to new places and ready for it. But seriously, i woun't try to go to a risky places when i know so. So, enjoy it while you can. You can travel alone or with friends. But with friends, you have to have a friends like you. Then it be ok. I would love to travel backpackers style. That be interesting. So my friend in Chiang Mai told me.

At the end of the day, here i show you my work on my picture. I learned a new method using the photoshop and will for sure practice it until i become a 'PRO' After i did some samples, i didn't save it. Very clever lah Zura. I thought i did. I oredi ready to share it here with you. Haiya..... next time saja. Need to sleep. Sahur at 3.30am and then work again tomorrow at 2pm-6pm.

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Tell DJ Iril & DJ zaty, v of melbourne kirim salam..thanks