Monday, October 1, 2007


First time working with 'Dj DD' but it doesn't connect. I think he better off working alone. Sounds well, like no chemistry lah. He is in his own world and i am too. So that was a good try. We were actually replacing our colleagues who were supposed to be working on Rentak 2-6 today Sunday. So a good try.

  • Internet - how come lately we have a bad connection? Updating ka? Frustrating sometime. But what to do. Hope it get better soon.
  • Bersungkai - yes at the studio with a bottle of water and just curry puff.
  • Watched 'balls of fury', not as i thought it would be. between that and 'chuck & Larry', i preferred 'c&l'. Go and see for yourself. Both were good but too short of a time for the ping pong movie. The actor were good and funny.
  • Again, late updating my blog for today. I was hoping i could get in earlier, but as i said the Internet access not allowing me to log in. Too bad.
  • So i finally log in with my again and easy on the dot. So i am happy now.

Now on bed and ready to sleep. Later as usual sahur at 3.30am and plan to tumis sawi, goreng the fish ball, then maybe Sabli's curry ayam lah saja. Longan for my desert and multivitamin too. That be it.

I've been thinking so much lately. And its not good for me. I'm such a goof. I shouldn't be but i don't how to describe what i am thinking. I guess i am tired now. Need a rest dulu lah. Sambong later.......

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