Thursday, October 4, 2007


I have been suffering form this pain for a week now. The muscle from the neck to the shoulder (hua...esk..esk.. sakit eh). I took it lightly, thought that the pain would go off. But it didn't, until i realized yesterday it actually bothered me when i did my work at 2-6pm in Rentak 2-6. I just can't stand the pain anymore. My mind tertumpu to the pain and i think i wasn't doing well at work. My presentation weren't the best. And that's not good.

After work, i went straight to this Harizah Ubat Cina - kadai urut. I tell you, it got to be one of the good ones i went to. And the lady who urut me, she was so professional. I told her that the massage she gave me, just like the one i have in Thailand. I remembered i went to Bangkok for 2 weeks last year and the first place my cousin brought me was for massage. I been dying to urut and i know Bangkok would be the best place. And it was just in front of the hotel where we stayed. I asked for the oil body massage. And it's cheap. No wonder people go there for the massage (tsk..tsk...).

So this place i went last night, Linda her name, she's from China. Eh bagus banar!! Ease my pain. The one part where she told me to turn side way, the she streched my arm (sort of like em... arm and my waist kena lingang-lingang) then bam!... bunyi tulang belatupan...ha.a.a. I never feel so nyaman after that. But my heart beat fast once she asked me to turn the other side lagi.... he.e.e. because i know what she's going to do. The first technic i didn't know, i was pretty relax, then the second one i managed jua at the end. But overall it was great.

If you want to know the place and try the massage, then just let me know on the shoutbox ok. I give you the address. It's not easy to find a good massage and reflexology. Plenty, but you just aren't sure if it's really good or really suc*. The price was great and since she's good, i gave her tips. So, if you go, and they make you feel better, give them tips too. To me, an hour massage atu, the energy she spend on you, its worth it to give her tips. She deserve it. Up to lah...

Then i went for soto at Soto Bunut. I like that place because it serves soto. And soto is one of my favourite. Tapi, i don't know why pelayan nya pemarah. Kalau kerja di restaurant ani, pelayan mesti have a good PR. Walaupun manjadi waitress, you actually represent your boss and the restaurant. So please lah, jangan tah marah-marah. And the client is always right. Bukan the pelayan.

Entah ah... i order teh halia, then she came with teh halia alright, but with susu. Then i told her i want teh halia saja, not with susu. Just because of that, kan membenarkan dirinya tia jua telling me teh is with susu. I told her, i just want teh with halia and masih lagi ia want to tell me. So she went off with such a face, and like you can hear dari luar yand ia marah ani bah. I mean, cuba tah jangan di liat-liat kan perangai catu atu.

Bida jua kan.. I was fasting, not well, and lapar lagi, all i wanted was to have teh with halia. Upset ku sekajap atu. It's not my job bah to tell them that i want teh without susu with halia. I don't remember all that. The pelayan melayan banyak orang kan, so i am sure the pelayan can ask, teh with susu or teh 'O' saja kah? Then you know she did her job jua kan. Oh well.....

I wish that didn't happen, but what to do. Semua orang puasa, and i know kadang tension. But then again, harap pelayan-pelayan restaurant di Brunei ani menunjukkan attitude yang terpuji. Let's just hope. I must say the one i met ramai yang peramah, but ia lah, sometime it's not a good day for someone. But i still love soto. And Soto Bunut is still a place i would go to have my soto. Ha..ha.a... we all manusia, ada- ada saja karenah orang ani. By the way, if you want to have a real clar sup for soto, go there and try em.... they are good.

A day for me yesterday. Pain... pain.... but i am ok now.. After this i am going back home and back to sleep and rest.

Hey don't forget to votes for the artists and the composers of Brunei Darussalam for the Pelangi Awards 2006-2007 from the BB and MP and submit your votes before 5th October 2007 or go to to vote. Hurry ya.... Thank you.

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