Saturday, October 27, 2007

Last Night

I wrote this last night before i go to sleep.

"Life is just like a box of Chocolate"
I'm sure you've heard it, right?
Sometimes you're lucky and sometimes not
One day you ate the bitter dark chocolate
Another day you ate a dark but sweet chocolate
Again you ate your favourite chocolate flavour without knowing it
Then it makes you smile but just for a while
Then you just keep on and on eating a different one each day

So it get interesting every time you ate it
And at times it makes you wonder, really wonder
Who created chocolates?
Where is it actually from?
How do they know what combination flavor?
Would people like chocolate?
What make them buy the chocolates?

Oh well....
I still have a lot left in that box of chocolate
Just don't know what type and flavor i will eat tomorrow..?
That's how life goes..
I have been eating all different kind of chocolates too
It is so unpredictable, mysterious, some are unimaginably tasteless
Just hoping tomorrow I will get to eat the sweet one
That melt in the mouth and smile with satisfaction
And enjoyed it with pleasures.

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