Sunday, October 14, 2007


On first day of Raya 2007
A time like this only you realized that a lot you miss. Only God Almighty knows how I felt towards my late father. Missing him so much. I present him with tahlil the last night of fasting and the beginning of Shawal. Mudahan rohnya di cucuri rahmat Allah.. Amin… I drove back and just remembering his words when those old times about spending more time with family. Being young at that time, brought up in a broken up family (as in like your mom and dad are no longer staying together, lead their own way of living), and being one of the children fighting emotionally and mentally with pressure to survive with how to live your life. The pressure we all face for the children from the broken up family are really really sakit. If you cant stand the pressure, you would probably be inda tantu yourself. But if you are strong, you make it. Not all can face the reality. But being a survivor is the greatest achievement one could ever did from all that.

I miss my father eh. Went to Nenek’s house and have my favourite “Luntong” then off to visit my aunties and uncles. Second house at my ‘muda’ and everybody were there. Except my dad. I sat there and watched my cousins’ children, young and happy with a smile and laughter that’s so fresh that remind you when you once was. But I never got a chance to see my Babah and Mami grow old together. I wish I was given a chance. Sometime I cried. Missing their love that would have been super-wonderful. So I always like to remind the young people, to appreciate your life with your family. It woun’t be the same you know without them. One day you will know what I mean. one day you will. So when they are around, spend more time with them. Ask them about their younger times. Sometimes even now you only know something that they would never tell you if you never ask….

So anyway, it was great to see everybody again. My problem ya, i don’t remember their children. Like grown up sudah kali ah. Suddenly they are in their 20s. Wow… wow… time past us fast hah… How many of them, their names…ha.a..a. so funny and cute I must say. So many and they grew up so fast. Amazing. Talking about that too there be a gathering reunion for the family from my mother’s side soon sometime this month. I would like to see that and find out who your relatives are…. Nanti ah I will update with that too.

The story- not familiar with families ani, ia-tah nah ni, di tapok-tapok kami ani when we were young. When any of the other relatives came to visit my grandma’s house, we were asked to go into the room. So jadi kebiasaan tah, when relatives come over to visit, we all rushed in the room or the kitchen without knowing who and who. Terjumpa on the road, the mall, restaurant, they be the one to say hi, and familiar with the words “inda ingat ni saudara sendiri?”, yeah, and you be so malu-malu like not really. Embarassing kan. Imagine like tadi, my uncle visit my grandma with his families, then all the 1st cousin, 2nd cousins etc, rupanya ramai work in RTB. How amazing is that. I saw them but I never knew they are related. HUH… that’s scarry. In what way nah? Well in many ways. I leave you with the couriosity saja.

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