Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Went Wrong?

Who is it exactly are you referring to?

So you know what? What really went wrong on that Thursday? Me? Working on Hello Brunei Darussalam. Then i got calls from friends telling me about the article in BB. They know i worked on that Thursday morning shift and i was surprised when they ask me what did i say on-air? I was wondering what? Then, it was about... well go read the newspaper!! Not long after that, my BOSS call me, to just to check with what i have said. Phew.... That wasn't me. I write blog about me.... (vain eh)... so i don't have or no intention at all with no business lah to mention any bloggers punya blog on-air. But interesting eh.. mana2 radio FM di Brunei, mun durang yang buat salah, biasanya it all points to PelangiFm. Mun kami yang salah, we will be responsible for our own actions.. Jangan tah watir (No Worries)... And me and the rest yang kana ... ha.a.a..a. Oh well, i know better than that. Everyday we learn new things, being professional pun still learning. Next time, if you are tuning in to any other station, please be sure know who and what station you are tuning it to, just to avoid confusion and cause harm to other djs. Thank you for tuning to PelangiFm, serving you 24/7.

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