Monday, October 29, 2007


Was home whole day yesterday. Not well to be out and about. I miss the roadshow at the mall, and i am sure all were having fun. I beurut yesterday. Been berangin since i got back from the states. But hopefully a few more urut will be better. Looking forward and need to go out and about to do some exercises. I miss going to tasek for my afternoon walk. Need to do that soon.

Just a tips, if you are not well, don't force yourself to exercise. Get well, the most important thing on the list, the health that is, then baru tah exercise but biar mild. Jangan terburu-buru, because your staminar not the same like your other friends. Remember ah.

Biasa lah, lapas berurut, inda kena suroh touch water. So inda tah mandi. Better to stay at home lah kalau inda mandi. I am not working today, so its just nice. Rupanya angin also can kill you. I heard this lady while doing her presentation, suddenly her jaw got jammed. Imagine tia, how painful was that? So because of angin jua tu.

I remember i got muscle spasm, i was in my restaurant early that morning, then suddenly i felt from my chest upwards jammed sort of paralysed. I pushed myself to the wall behind me, and i stood straight. I just couldn't move at all. I slowly sat myself down on the floor, and i just couldn't move. Luckily, at that time, i stayed on the 3rd floor of that building, and my workers have to carry me up. Yes, i couldn't explain the pain. My eyes just blinked and i was lost. I didn't know what just happened.

I told the manager to call the ambulance and my mother. She came with my late aunty, and they weren't sure what was going on. It was sure really scary when you just didn't have any idea of what went wrong. I guess at that time i was thinking too much, work and business. So stress and worn out. But anyway, i felt real good when the ambulance arrive.

They have to carry me down from the 3rd floor with the stretcher. They were really really good and professional. The one guy, i forgot his name, but Pengiran who work with the ambulance, he had done a good job and very professional. I was in real pain, and he told me that he got to angkat me from here to here. And i said ok and i was ready. WALAAA... he was good. He knew what he was doing.

Reached the hospital RIPAS and i found out that i have muscle spasm. Well, i was told to relax and got few japs. My son, he was next to me, hold my hand and i can see tears running down from his eyes. So sweet. I told him i will get better soon.

So, now i know not to be so stress out. Its hard to say sometime, but at least of what had happened atu, i just take it lightly kalau stress pun, but not all at once.

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