Tuesday, October 30, 2007


What is the meaning of IRI Hati?
What is wrong with people with IRI HATI?
Is it because the other person is better than you?
Or are you better than that person?
But why?

Alhamdulillah i besyukur walaupun i come from a broken up family, tapi my mom and late babah always thought me to bersyukur with what i have. Even the last week of his life di dunia ani, i sat with him at the corridor outside his wad, di RIPAS atu, he advice me dengan lembut how to live my life. How i should be very careful in everything i do, and to remember not to hurt anyone with words, perbuatan and a lot more. I thanked God of what i have become.

Lately this week, i miss my babah so much. I cried almost every night. I don't know why. I really cried... Tadi pagi i talked to my brother about him. I cried but i tahan my tears not to come out from my eyes. But my heart just so sedih. This time i really want my Babah's love, attention, but sayang he's not around. I don't know how.

Even now, writing this blog menitik-nitik air mata. I wish he's around. I miss him so much. Rindu ku kasih sayang nya. I wish i can go back now and see him and tell him how i felt. Rindu ku arah Babah. So i was talking with my brother about the day he went away, i was at home, with his body yand sudah bemandikan, there dengan bacaan Al-Fatihah for him, just starring at mayatnya Babah, berbungkus dengan kain putih, i can still tercium bau kapor barus fresh.... God... miss him so much...

My brother was at kubur that time, he was there menciumkan tanah for the last time. The story of my life with my family was so banyak story, but i was glad, well, we were all glad, that even both my parents were divorced when i was very-very young, the last few weeks we all were together with Babah. Mom, brothers and myself until Babah di kebumikan.

I miss him so much. I do miss Babah so much. Pain my dada actually now, i could not express how much i miss him. I know he's gone, but i wish he's around.

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