Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Oh not mine of course lah. C-baby ku, Luqman is having his exam soon on the 1st week of November ani and he has projects to finished. So today we finished up his project on transportation. I sat with him and cut pictures he needed. I told him to paste it and design it himself and i add a bit here and there for him. He wanted to finish it up tomorrow, then i told him to finish one today and then continue with another one tomorrow. So, i made him hot milo with cream on top and with two biscuit. He hug me and said "i love you mommy, thank you". I went to the kitchen and smile with joy. So sweet.

Earlier i watched the Prison Break Season Two. Very nice. Very interesting. One of the brother look like my brother. Yes, i even told him about it, and i asked him today in the morning when i met him, weather anyone ever told him that. Ha.a.a i am not alone, true...true... The character reminds me of him too. I will leave you with the curiosity for that.

Anyhew... i miss those words. Katherine used to say that, and wow.... her birthday is coming soon. She did say she wanted Jelly Belly in a Big Jar too for her birthday present. What remind me of her too, i went to "kedai kominis" and saw GILMORE GIRLS dvd. I remember i took her picture at the Santa Monica's Pier, there a place where they shoot one of the episode, she was so happy. So sweet. I wonder how she is now. I am sure she's looking forward for her birthday party.

My mission for this week is to sit with Luqman and do revisions with him. One two subjects he have a problem with but not that bad. His marks are very good. I am proud of him. Waking up in the early morning just to send him to school is part of my duty, and cook for him dinner. He is a simple boy, and a very loving one too.

Oh, i masak nasi ayam for lunch today. Great food eh... I named it "Nasi Ayam Anih". Yes.. true..

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