Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"side dish" - conti nya

ha.a.a.. my kawan lama and good friend told me he read about my 'side dish' and he said "Temptation". Yes it is. Majority told me its "temptation". Oh well, how strong can you beat that mentally. I don't blame you, men and woman same-same you know. But how far are you willing to go? Go ask yourself.

My new girlfriend said "Temptation" is just an excuse. From men and woman's view. How's that? Very interesting kan. So anyway, then again individual kan. Kalau that person doesn't know own role in the relationship, then it bound to happen.

Whatever it is pun, prioritize what you have. Respect that relationship, not relationship saja. Everything, you got nothing to lose. Malah you will gain more love and passion from your love one kan. Again depends on individual.

Here i wanted to share what i wrote this morning while i was out and about:-

Someone i know, said this - their man is having an affair, but its ok. Why? As long as he jaga me well, jaga his family, and come home then its ok. Gives me money, lots of money, then i would not question him where about he is when he leaves the house in the morning and until he comes back home.

Some girl i know, the second wife of someone, and even melayan his nafsu for other woman. How scary is that? i don't think its cool because they have one anak baby girl you know. And many more that you would not imagine. I leave you again with curiosity.

Men and woman are different, but when "temptation" comes along, then inda tia kira. Nda pilih jantina, age and who you are. Sometimes why ask why? Woman would say, men start it first, men would say woman start it first. So who to blame? Or do we need to point each other with our own cara? Attitude toward life? Love? or what?

Excuses. It all end up to what you want and do you know what your role is in a relationship and do you have your own principle in life? Oh well, again Oh well. Temptation as my friend said, it's either you take it and live with it or you leave it and be proud of yourself for passing it and never let it happen and way to becoming a faithful partner.

Oh.... too much.... tooo much. Need to pack my things now. I finish work at 12 am. In about 15 min. Again see you n my new topic. Maybe about PelangiFM. Whatever you want to know about pelangi, go to www.pelangifm.com.

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