Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Spoke to my girlfren this morning. Again, we ladies talk about macam macam kan. Ada body parts, ada social part and relationship part, and everything going apart...he.e.e. Cali eh. Mula-mula talk about body parts. Do you want to know?

Body-parts - contents nya like perut landir, perut buncit, ada stretch mark lah, kaki berurat, kulit tangan kasar, arm pandai melambai... ha.aa... ada ada saja.... paha inda macam dulu, banyak lagi lah. Ada yang belum kawin memang solid. Tapi ada jua inda eh. So we talk lah about body parts ani. More on arms. So i give a little tips jua lah on how to tone up your arms as long as rajin. Atu saja. Like you can do it everyday, anytime tapi properly. Light and easy, just everyday routine. Whatever it is, makan jaga, health jaga, and happiness pun jaga.

So settle the body-parts. Then, about relationship parts tia. And mula talk about hubbynya. It's like the song "ketahuan by Matta", caught right handed. Bukan sekali tapi banyak kali. She ask me how would i handle it if i were in her shoe. I dont know how but i just tell her if it were me, mun berkali-kali kenapatan atu, malas tah ku kan melarang. We are talking about perangai seseorang atu bah, we can't change it. No matter what you do. Tapi kecian kan, she cuba control him. Pakai b.mobile kan sekarang ani got live cam. So she check on him everytime, and sort of call him everytime just to check where he is. But still, she feel like he still have affair.

So, eh banyak jua so nya ani... The more you control, the more challangeing it will be for him, and the more he will screw you up. It's fun when you are in this situation. Now, let me tell you this, this guy ani got another phone. A different phone. He leaves it at work, and use it only when he's at work or probably hide it somewhere in the car. Check it out girls. Tapi not only men doing this, the woman pun ada. But then again, atu their problem.

But i know, for me, when at the end you know he is like that, that person that you wish would be the opposite, just have to let it be. They will not stop. They will only stop if they want to. Let it be. We are only human, and we just do whatever, however we can to the limit, that if you want to save the marriage. Apart from that, berdoa lah selalu, kerana doa akan di makbulkan kepada sesorang yang selalu berdoa meminta pertolongan agar dapat diuruskan segala yang diri sendiri tidak dapat menguruskan dengan cobaan dan dugaan yang di berikan. Insyallah kebenaran akan nampak dan hanya Allah saja yang dapat menolong diri ini dalam keaadan apa jua.

Kalau inda, mental tani olehnya. Why do we want to be mental pulang to think about it. You have to be strong jua kan. Its not that you inda laku jua. Its just my girlfriend ani masih ada respect arah husbandnya and she thinks of the children. Then, bila sudah tau perangai nya like that, have to tahan tah saja.

But i tell you, bini-bini pun ada had nya. Their love will be forever for you, i for instance, will love and forgive, but i will not forget. So i don't know how many woman yang catu? But different lah how people see it. Like me, After my divorce with my husband, it take a while jua to accept that you are actually divorced with the one you love and think would be together for life till death do you part. When you plan to get married, nobody even think of divorce. We all think fo a great future, to be together, for good for worst. But the reality, you have to accept it. To me nowm my 'x' husband and his wife now are one of my closest friend. That i can say. (Hi Sinar!! glad to hear you are back:)

Some friends ask me how did i do it? Well, its just forgiviness that change the whole thing. I accepted it, knowing that i want my son to grow up and respect people, whoever they may be, and to do that, i have to show examples and especially yang paling terdekat, his father and his stepmother. Walau apa pun, he is still the father kan, and the stepmother is going to be the a second mother for him.

And from that, once we the adult berfikiran wisely, then insyallah our children would do the same thing. Kalau kitani menjahati someone and kanak-kanak meliat all that, well, its going to hurt them and they will say one day, indung kami inda jua peduli. Kancang kancang lagi my family. Is that what you want kan? So it's actually up to you, you decide yourself on how you want your life, your kids to be. Atu saja ah....... melarat tia pulang...

Anyway, got to go now and have lunch. Tonite i will be on-air at 8pm to 12 am. Of course segmen cinta again, i got a good and cute topic...he.e.. tune in if not doing anything, or doing something ya. SMILE...

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