Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Love Fades

What happens when love fades?

Would you still be able to smile? Would you still be able to laugh? Would you still be you?

Where is the smile?
Where is the love?
Where is the touch?
Where is the whisper?
Where is the intimacy?
Where is the passion?
Where is the promises?
Where is the whatever "pijak samut pun tak mati"?

Left only just with a sad song to add the faded love. Familiar with the lyrics full of these words.. sentence...

Love just a game
Time can heal the pain
Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose
I am a fool
(Enrique Iglesias. Track#12)

Why is it a fake smile?
Why is there no star?
Why do we forget?
Why blame time?

Too long together?
Too comfortable with each other?
Know each other too well?

Mana tia the heat of love atu? The one we used to have once a upon a time. How can we be in love again? Are we afraid? Of what? Are you still waiting in line? For what? Heart left torn in places, don't know what? Where love stand? Is it only reserve for the first time you met? What is partnership? What is love in LOVE? How can we be in love again? How to begin the freshness of love again?

Thirsty of love. The unconventional love. Where two people are together, forever for life, meant for each other, where there's no measure in love anymore, and never ending story. No interference, not other than these two people in love. Huh.... i will survive.

A message from my from my good friend to me : - "so whatever predicament you're in right now, its just a small bump in your life.", I smiled and say thank you for reminding me.

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