Friday, October 5, 2007


I am reading THE HISTORIAN by ELIZABETH KOSTOVA. So far so good and it is very interesting. About Dracula mean son of Dracul - son of dragon.... Sayang i have so many things to do jua, but i find time at least to read a chapter a day in the evening. .....grggghh.. pain eh

Yesterday i went to JAG THERAPY in jalan Kebangsaan to fix my shoulder pain. He is extraordinary. If you have a problem with your shoulder, back pain or whatever it is lah, best for you to consult him first. He will let you know what is wrong with you. And he will fix you.

I watched OSANA the first film made in Afghanistan after the fall of Taliban. A young girl disguised as a boy. How she have to pretend to be a boy to live and bring food to her mother and grandmother. You would cry if you see it. It is very interesting and breathtaking. About their woman and how powerful the man are. Go and see it..... You can get the DVD at Steven's shop di gadong.

Now, i am working until 2pm. Pretty busy at 10am to 12pm. Now a bit slow. Today Friday, so 12pm onwards to 1.30pm lagu-lagu dakwah.

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