Thursday, October 25, 2007

What i do today?

Apart from waking up early in the morning sending my son to school, i clean my kitchen today, and got to watched 3DVDs. And there are:-

Beyond The Sea (Kevin Spacey & Kate Bosworth)
Stardust - Mathew Vaughn Film (Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro)
No Reservation - A Scott Hicks Film (Catherine Zeta-Jones, A'aron Eckhart)

All were great. About life. Beyond The Sea that he got to find out that who he thought was his mother was his grandmother. Very touching story about his life. About Bobby Darren, and how he become famous and then on and on and on... if you haven't seen it, go get the DVD and see it yourself.

Stardust is about love. Different kind and different way, but all just a lesson learn from all this but it also depends on you. How you see it. So very interesting too.... A bit childish, got witches, unicorn, a star and etc. I like em.

No Reservation is also about a woman and her career. Very interesting toh. I like it. The character the man have in that film, i wouldn't mind to have that kind of man. Romantic in a different way. It also depend on you. How you see it.

Just being at home today. Some friends ask me if i wanted to join them out and about, but nah... i prefer to stay home.

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