Thursday, October 18, 2007


You know what? This is my blog. If i get on your nerve, don't read my blog. I pity who have hatred towards me. And i am not quite sure for what reason. Is it because of my topic? Or what? The way this one particular person respond to my blog, i sensed that this person is trying to attack me personally. And naturally we are all human, and maybe i felt like this person is lack of attention. And have to give his/her opinion (the not good one) especially in my blog. Knowing that a lot of people read this blog for whatever reason, and will be the best way to condemn me. How thoughtful is that?

Now if you need attention, and no one give a da** about you, write your own blog. Publish your own, where you can express yourself. May be about me, you know, like i give you the title of you blog - em.. " i hate zura.. she is a bad woman".. ops.. young woman.... or "what i think of zura" or "i am the perfect one" or many more. It's ok for me. Then link to Simpur. I am sure people will read your blog. Ps. if you know me too well, tell them how i was brought up, who look after me, and how close you are with me and my family. Ok...

So anyway, how bad you think of me, at least i am not intruding others business in their lives. What i say and write in my blog is what i see everyday. And i won't tell or mention who and who for a good reason. To tell me to not play with fire, who are you to tell me? Have you been in Hell and reincarnated back to earth in other body and become like this? Or what? So tell me how good you are, and that you are an angel. I am all eared.

I must admit i am not an "innocent girl". Living for how many years now, and this is what i become. That be a lie if i say that i am a good girl. To be matang in this world, bad and good you go through it. Not just ...bla..bla..blaa..a.a...... But i am simple in life. And who are you to judge me? Have you been there all my life i grew up? Have you seen what i see? Have you been through what i have been through? Do you really really know about me? I be ashamed to tell someone what i think of that person knowing that i am not a perfect one myself. How about you? Are you not ashamed. Proud hah.. good for you..

How do you see a prostitute? Did you grew up with them? Did you know how the prostitute live their live? You must be joking if it were only the FUC*.... Haa.a..a.. There got to be a pure reasons for that. And would you understand? Do you think all the people in this world live perfect like you? Have mom and dad to look after you, support you, give you everything you want? How do you live for you to "suka hati" judge people like that? Do you know there was once a prostitute in this world, she saw a stray dog on the street, gives water to it, and she goes to heaven for that. I think, since God the creator, you don't have no right to tell people, not just me, of who we are. Get it?????

If you are not sure of yourself too, go and cermin yourself too.... I am going to wait and see what you want to say next. Ok. So i know you are still reading my blog. Take care of you. We are all human, and only Allah can forgive us for our own wrong doing. If you still have faith, if not, well, i let you figure it out yourself.

Wow.. i am working now. Hi Pelangi 8pm-12am. Sajok hari ani, been raining since petang. Got to visit my brother today, and i am happy that he is happy. Makan luntong again. Got to go now. Been sleeping the whole petang tadi, just to be fresh malam ani....

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Anonymous said...

Was just browsing in Simpur and found your blog, can't help but to comment.

Wow, let it out Zura. Interesting read.

Yeah, I know what you mean, sometimes people do for the best for ourselves, tapi org lain see it as different, memandai-mandai tah pulang so to speak.

I salute you. You know, things like this, should not be left untold or unspoken of. Let it out. Our culture has taught us to be quiet, jgn tah bising2 even when we are 'attacked'. But that is something we should change. Bukan kan jadi biadap or kurang ajar, but to stand up for what we stand for kan? Lotsa repect girl!

There's no wrong or right in this world. Everything is subjective.