Monday, October 29, 2007


I just couldn't wait to get better. I want to do my workout already. Well... counting on the days.. Been at home and watched E! entertainment channel 711. Very interesting... How rich become rich.. How poor become rich.. How you actually have the chance in your life to be what you want to be.
If you wanted to be EXTRAORDINARY, then you will. But if you choose to be the way it is, then it be. Its up to you. Are you willing to go for it? Ask yourself now. Not necessary now, but soon enough that it wouldn't be too late and regret it. Time passes by so fast like a blink of your eyes. Ask again, ARE YOU WILLING TO GO FOR IT AND HOW FAR??

By the way, i would like to wish KATHERINE at Woodlands, California on your birthday today. Happy Birthday sweet girl. How's the Gilmore Girls getting on? ......

I am going to bed now. PS. Don't let the bugs bite..

**When i looked up the sky, i smiled because i got to see my stars. I named the stars after me when i was at the beach at Malibu. So when the sky is clear at night, stars are out, and it reminds me of those times. Cool winds and beautiful beach. Just unimaginably beautiful.**

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