Saturday, October 20, 2007


Lah baru tah habis meliat season one only yesterday. Bought the dvd lama sudah in june kali...ha.a... Baru got the time to watch semalam. I had a great day yesterday, my off day and went out for open house at Erna's house in Rimba with Yasoon. So many stories lah cerita cerita about how the girls go outing beraya. Very interesting... girls are girls jua ah. So cute, no mengumpat session coz we two inda suka toh... But it was great. Apa lagi Yasmoon cerita about marking the papers of the children in her school withe their essays... ketawa bah kami bedua... sounding so cute the children atu. I told Yasmoon, if Zura jadi teacher nya, tediam kali eh. Entah somehow, young children tediam if with me... ha.a.a. cute eh.. Bukan apa tu, dorang children testing saja... lapas atu ok tia...

It was raining heavily eh yesterday, since petang to evening. That's why i got the time to watched dvd whole one season. Syok berabiz. Maybe sometime this week, i want to finish up the second season. Berhabok sudah dvd atu ampai ampai. Anyway, it was a laid back day for me lah yesterday. Got 1st visitor to my house for raya. Ha..ha.. kelam kabut bah menyimpan kuih raya and etc, maklum nadai amah. So sendiri lah. But it was fun..

Oh i like the part that the doctor in the prison atu, Sara.. she said "I am not a jealous woman, but a careful one", that tells me about me..haha... yeah vain.. You can learn a lot just by watching all the movie ani. Today ada open house lagi, tomorrow ada open house lagi.. and so on...

Have a super wonderful day you all.
Happy Raya and May Allah Bless Us All... Amin

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