Thursday, September 20, 2007


I was so in a good mood today at work. Great Hello Brunei Darussalam. I guess i have enough sleep. I slept early last night at 9.30am. And woke up at 3.30, cooked for sahur and then rest, solat and off to work. I finished work yesterday at 6.30pm and off to makan my sungkai at ....... Then back home, had a glass of milk and slept at 9.30am. When i set up my alarm clock, i had 6 hours and a half to sleep.

What Went Wrong?

I just need to share with you that during the HBD this morning, i mention on-air about "Ada juga lelaki takut tua", yes, ada dalam sebuah majalah atu written dari kajian 2004, 1.2 million men did make over on themselves because takut tua... So, yang cali nya, a listener text me via sms pelangi and said, i must be wrong eh... he said..."sori eh dj zurah. salah kali statistik mu atu and di mana you dapat stastik macam atu? laki-laki di brunei ani inda macam atu"... I just smile. And i got back on-air, and i said that - i didnt say men from Brunei, i said dari hasil kajian seluroh dunia, so it doesnt mean from Brunei, 1.2 juta lelaki, i mean... hello.... maybe not in Brunei, maybe in other countries in this world, so you know, open lah minda. We are living in the world population about billions of human beings kali ah, so i am sure there are somewhere out there men do make over themselves to look young. And that is from kajian, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Oh Well... sensitive jua... But i found out in a relationship, men and woman, men need to listen carefully jua, apart from communication is the key in a relationship, listening jua i think penting.... No hard feelings ah to the men. But yeah this is the fact. Ia tah kadang miscommunition can create a tension situation because one did not listen well. I am only talking for myself and i dont know how many women agree?


Yes, and i was real tired mentally. So i slept without dreaming anything. I dont like it when i dreamt of snakes. All the time i have to say that. I looked up in the dream book about snake, it says if there were a lot of snakes, meaning you have a lot of enemies around you, and if you are bitten, you are about to "kena pinang or kawin" or whatever. To me how i sees it, i felt the enemy is very close, and i didnt get to kill the snake in my dream but instead i ran away from the snake. How's that?


Oh someone in Australia like my pictures in gerai ramadhan i took at pasar gadong. I will try to visit other gerai ramadhan soon. I wanted to go to the Stadium Berakas, Tutong, Kuala Belait and may be Temburong. Why not. But for now until 30th Sept 07. I make plan from now lah saja. Ok... something to do now.

Today i bersungkai di Hua Ho bunut. The food court there banyak pilihan jua. Simple jua but nice. I like it. Stop by at one of the gerai on the way to the gadong and jerudong junction, the one that jual kueh melaya and kerupok lekor. Right at the big green signboard berfore the junction. Very nice kueh malaya but i would prefer they pack it using the kertas minyak. Then baru ia kick.... I m not keen food in the foam container. Not really good. But anyway, i will let them know that the kueh malaya very nice, just need to change the packaging saja. he.e.e.e.e

Nah.. that's me... after makan... behind me atu is the makanan ready made dah tu. So if you inda sempat bersungkai di mana-mana, just makan kurma and drink water, and laju tah kesana and try the food. Gurantee you like punya. Especiallynya, people who like "sambal tarong", that's the place to go. The rest of the stalls, beraneka jenis makanan. Try ah.. Jangan inda. Rugi toh.....

At the end of my day, overall great....

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