Tuesday, September 11, 2007


b.mobile bill for me to settle. So after lunch i went out to pay my bills at the old-airport branch. And guess what? I sat there just a few minutes then came this lad with kuih and a bottle of water. I said to myself.. cool... I needed to eat kuih after lunch tadi. So they serve kuih-kuih and i took the chocolate kuih. Like sponge eh but with cream.

So my turn came and i settled my bills. It was only about B$177.00 for three months. Yes three months. Just lazy bah to go to the counter to pay incit-incit atu. Until jua my line got cut off last night then its about time to go. Not inda tebayar, just malas kan jalan-jalan atu... ha.a.. excuses...

Anyway, after i paid my bills, then i was told to go to the other counter where beautiful young ladies and some gentleman there standing with all the gifts tersusun on the long table. So rupanya ada lucky draw. Sort of you give the receipt, then the lady there will tell you to take how many pieces of cut and staple papers in the box and then you open and you get the prize lah. I was hoping for a stickers ka. But the one i wanted was pen. Yes i got two...he.e..e. yeha... but to my surprised i won a "Postpaid Lite Plan"...!!!! Wow.. good. very lucky eh. I planed to buy one for my son.

The package includes - free 1 year license fees, registration fee and one month Lite plan rental. Wow......!!!!!!!! All i need to do is to go to any b.mobile counter and register. Thank you to b.mobile and you make my day.. I won 2 pens, one non-woven bag and one Postpaid Lite Plan......

I actually have two lines. One with PRIMA DST and one with b.mobile. Both are good. I used my b.mobile for checking sometimes....he.e.e.e. no lah. I actually used my b.mobile for Internet access. Its pretty cool. I have been using it ever since i got it. So life is a bit easy. I used my DST number for wow... i thinks for 10 years already. Do you remember, when it was not yet PRIMA, and it was EASI. So i still use my number i had 10 years ago. I changed it to PRIMA.

But hey, if you haven't pay your b.mobile bills, then go and you never know you might bring a big prize home. I still want to have the stickers...ha.a..a or umbrella. I need that... Too malas to buy but if b.mobile have an umbrella for gifts, hey why not. Give me one ah. I like gifts... ehe..e.

Congratulations for the staff of b.mobile with their good service while attending clients. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

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