Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Volunteer Work

Sleepy..sleepy.. sleepy... i am sleepy.. Today was an interesting day for me. As usual i sent my son to school. A bit late today, reach school at 7.15am. Not good ah... But then went to Al-Islah then after lunch went for a meeting. I am a volunteer as individual for the Projek of Warga Emas. So today i attended Perjumpaan Projek Keluarga Dalam Memeduli Warga Emas, Jabatan Pembangunan Masyarakat Bersama Sukarelawan, Helpage Korea and Helpage International held in Riverview Hotel at 2pm-5pm.

One question was asked during the meeting:-

  • Why do you want to be a volunteer?

I am actually very new to this, but i am looking forward for new ideas, new experience in this projek. So for those of you out there, that have an extra hour to spend and want to spend it wisely, well, volunteer for good deeds is a rewarding things you can give yourself. One thing during the meeting, you always meet different people and you get to share an interesting new ideas, a knowledge which if you were alone not doing anything, you would get nothing out of it, right?

Been in Brunei now for seven days. Very quiet and peaceful for me. I miss the rain so much. I smile when it rain. I really miss it. In California, since i arrived till i left, i see no rain. Just a bit the day before i left for Brunei. But just a bit. About five minute rain only. Its summer, and its dry. So, glad to be back and see the rain.

Still off from work. In two week, i be on-air again. Wow.. I am going to use my two weeks wisely now. Say, like plan to go outing, exercising, and etc whatever i can think of. Been watching a lot of dvds.. he.ehe.e which i enjoyed it so much, don't blame me for that.. yeah i know.

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