Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So i start work officially.


Segment Birthday Greetings.

Segment Jatuh Cinta with the topic :

"Tiga Cara You Mengasihi Sesorang Yang You Kasihi".

Majority "kejujuran, menjaga hati, saling memahami, etc" jadi antara cara Mengasihi sesorang. Only one say "pandai mengampu", one say "tidak berahasia", one say "memberi idea" etc.

One caller, Mimi 16, ask me how about me? Well, i must say 1.patient 2.accept kelemahannya nya 3.transparent. There are actually more, but i don't remember. I am sure you too have your own way, kan.....

After news at 10.30pm, Segment Kau dan Aku. I usually tell them to try bakat masing-masing for a minute and at the end of the segment, the one that caught my attention will win. He.e.e. this is amazing you know. Calling on-air, and trying out your talents. I don't know if i myself can do that... ha..a..

Oh well, i be working again tomorrow at 2pm-6pm. Tune in to Pelangi Fm at www.rtb.gov.bn and click to Pelangi Fm for net radio all over the world where ever you are. Thank you.

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