Monday, September 3, 2007


BOOH! How are you? Well, another story to tell about me today. Here we go...

Dirtiest little secret - yes that was what in my thought. Made me smile. I was driving this morning sending my son to school again, well plenty to catch up, but yeah.. its school again. My mind, full of words to say, and that's because of the "dirtiest little secret" we all have.
I see eyes, nose, mouth, ears, face and yes i am trying to tell you that we people are out there carrying our dirtiest little secret. I know so that we all have one or perhaps more.... I must say i do. That doesn't mean someone would have to know.. ha.ah... ARE YOU CURIOUS YET??? But what would yours be? Would it be your "dirtiest little secret" or would you share it with others? Even to your love one? (piece of advice - not to even share it with your best friends or whoever on whatever your dirtiest little secrets are)

I was just imagining, what would it be like if we are all so pure? Like no dirty little secret, just plain innocent people in this world (well, we know its not true). This is what we call "skeleton in the closet" and not baggage ah.. don't get mixed up there (read carefully)he.ehe... And that made me smile. Would we accept it if we were to know someone or even someone we love have the dirtiest little secret that they carry all the time in their life till death do them part?

Probably to know someone dirtiest little secret would be scary. Perhaps to those who's in love. Would the issues kill the love? Or would the love be stronger? Or what? From morning, the topic just bang in my head and its stuck there until now.... Oh please..

Hey, I actually witnessed someone dirtiest little secret of some people i know, yes, i did. Ha.ha..a some are cute and some are unimaginably ugly. And that only i know. But don't know what would be the worst. I am still thinking of what kind of examples i should give. I still wonder, whether its the same or not? After all we all are human. We are the people. I saw couple of movies. You know like that guy supposed to be a good heavenly guy, or the woman is an angel of some sort, but when you got half way, it turned to be something else. So, you know, i start thinking, if that was from a real story and become a movie. Well... it have to be..

You see, get me what i mean. OK like em.. one time, well, i can share you some examples i know about dirtiest little secret of someone i used to know. we were in restaurant in one of the country i used to study. I would call this "someone i know" as "Snake". So we were having fun that snake got to visit me and it was snake's birthday. Oh yeah i was driving snake here and there, showing off places that i know, bought a car there and have an apartment. It was snake's birthday, so we went to this Restaurant with a soothing sexy, flirty music. The music where you would by hypnotised and dance along while seated.. just ...Wow.. fantastic.. with the music, yeah so young at that time, like the world is yours. But not exactly lah.. ah..... (must think think think again if you plan to do something in your life or otherwise it will be your dirtiest little secret.)

Anyway, snake flirt with the waiter and little did i know snake and the waiter was in the toilet and i let you guess the rest of the stories. I thought snake was not feeling well, but i was wrong. I was looking for snake and didn't know where snake go. So OK.... that would be snake's dirtiest little secret and i doubt snake is telling anyone out there or someone snake love. Just an EXAMPLE ONLY.
Oh well, every people i met, people i don't know or i know, i just wonder what would their dirtiest little secret....There's just so many yet its still a secret.... I don't know all, but what i know and saw have thought me another episodes of life... Amazing how we carry it everywhere, whether its a good dirtiest little secret or a bad one..... it still sure makes us smile...

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