Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MEETING - Raya Program

We had a meeting earlier. It had a positive outlooked for our station and its good. Pelangi Fm the NUMBER ONE STATION IN BRUNEI. It was great. Everybody gives ideas and opinions and about to do something big... Well done guys.

And now, working at 2pm-6pm. So many changes since i got back, and i have to get used to it soon. It kept me up, and I can't hardly sleep for the past two days now, i guess i have so many things in my mind. Sort of like, thinking a lot about work, what needs to be done and so forth, and i m so worn out...out..out. I hope i catch up with naps later, because tomorrow will be another day for me and my shift would be early at 6am-10am (Hello Brunei Darussalam).

I was reading this majalah and i thought i kongsikan with you here. Its all about ubi kentang and mata. I am going to try it soon. I need it...he.e.e..e..e..

RAWAT LINGKARAN HITAM DI MATA (to clear the black circle on the eye)

Ubi kentang mampu membantu mencerahkan kadar lingkaran hitam di bawah mata. Ubi kentang mengandungi sejenis enzim (catecholase) yang digunakan dalam kebanyakan produk kecantikan sebagai bahan pencerah.

  • Kisar sebiji ubi kentang. setelah itu, bahagikan kentang yang dikisar pada dua bahagian. Balut dengan sehelai kain nipis.

  • Baring dan letakkan balutan pada kedua mata. TUTUP MATA AH... and biarkan 15 hingga 20 minit. Buat waktu senang saja. Jangan waktu bertugas. Membari hawar tu. OK. Bukan saja membari hawar, sibok jua tu waktu bertugas kan. Bila senang saja lakukan. Karang kena marah plang zura...he.e..e.e

Atu saja for now and selamat mencoba.

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