Friday, September 14, 2007

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

2 those i have wronged, i ask forgiveness
2 those who have helped me, i sincerely tq
2 those who have wronged me, i forgive you
OK. This was the sms text i received from Aliff my work mate on Wednesday at 4.08pm. The first day on the HOT SEAT IN PELANGI FM STUDIO while interviewing POSESSIF 79, Artist Of The Month for September 07. So sayang also, i totally forgot to take them pictures.
Well, first day as i said, working in the radio you have to be "gap" - my word and i don't think ada dalam any dictionary kali tu. Must be equipped with knowledge of whats on and whats supposed to be on. So its not that easy.
So anyway, i must say, Aliff was the first one ALWAYS BEEN the first to send me this kind of text during Ramadhan or Raya. He would be the first to text to me for all i can remember. Thanks Aliff.
Then, after the next day, i received from everybody, thank you.
Assalamualaikum ,
Perkataan yang cantik "ALLAH"
Lagu yang merdu "AZAN"
Novel yang menarik "AL-QURAN"
Senaman yang baik "SEMBAHYANG"
Diet yang mujarab "PUASA"
PS. this i received from unknown person. I got the number but never got to know sapa yang send. :)

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