Sunday, September 16, 2007


Busy day eh for me. Preparing ambuyat for the families especially for NENEK'S BIRTHDAY. That's all i can contribute for her birthday yesterday. Happy 74th Birthday Nenek and may Allah Bless you in every way...Amin..

74. What would it be like for me? A long way to go. But will i be living at that age? You and i never know. A flash back of those times with nenek, she was the one - the one who taught me to cook. Yes, true. I remember when i was 7, i already know how to iron my school uniform. She used to ask me to peel the onion skin and slice it in a way she wanted it to be slice. She used to ask me to do a lot of things in the kitchen and even told me how useful this skills be when i grew up. At that time, at that age, you don't know how/what your future be. And you don't quite understand. What she meant. Maybe at that age, i know i will be like her someday, be cooking in the kitchen preparing food for my family. Which is true.

I am glad i can cook. I am glad i can iron. I am glad i can clean the house without the help of maid. I am glad i can do all the housework. I am glad for all. That's the skills not all of the girls have now. I am serious. No hard feelings ah. But its just it. Having a maid is a bonus.

I have a great memories with my Nenek. Last night was great. I prepared her favourite food "ambuyat" and the "cacah". Very important if you want to have a nyaman ambuyat, cacah is penting tu. So nenek tanya how's my cacah. She smile when she got the taste of it.

There were more than 5o of us. So everyone said my cacah the best...he.e.e.. I actually asked them all you know. Just wonder what the comment be, incase inda nyaman, then i probably can adjust. So i prepare the ambuyat. I am the only one pandai menumpah last night. So i have korma for berbuka while menumpah ambuyat.

Whatever it is, being a girl is very special. You still need to have the skills for everything to live in this world. No matter who you are, the skills and experience you have, no one in this world can take it away from you and only you have em.... no matter how little you know, you should be proud of it. And always ready to learn and to accept it....

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