Friday, August 10, 2007

MAGIC CASTLE Hollywood -

Tonight i had a super magical night. Yeah, i menyaksikan performance by all the magicians. Really syok. One thing is that not all can go to the MAGIC CASTLE Hollywood. It has to be by invitation. And i guess i was lucky to be there and see all that.
Not allowed to take pictures (i know.. disappointed) but its OK. Not allowed to bring phone. Well, not allowed to take picture anywhere outside the building and inside. I must say, it was a whole new experience to me having to watched a magic show.
You can log on to and check it out. The dress code for woman was in cocktail dress, presentable not casual. And for men, must be in suite.

I had OYSTER half dozen for my entree, and WHITE SALMON and ASPARAGUS WITH ORANGE for my main course. Had BERRIES WITH CREAM for my desert. I am loving it. Great people around and superb waiters too. But as i said, a totally different experience.

So, since not allowed to take pictures and all, i bought a souvenirs. Yes, its a match in their MAGIC CASTLE HOLLYWOOD stamp on the box - very nice - and a dragon. That i yet to post the picture here. Oh.. I have a great time. MAGIC? Hey, i also got the special seat in the front row.

One thing i would like to say, this one lady who do the magic thing, ask volunteer to write something in the paper. And i am one of the volunteer too. I wrote what she told us to, and got our card not knowing whose card belong to who. Its not that we wrote our name on it. But anyway, as she read our card, she told us what type of person we are individually. So she passed the card back to us. WOW... (you are supposed to say WOW.... too you know)...

Then, my turn. My card was read and i tell you its true of what she say. I was amazed by that and at the end of the show i asked her to tell me again what she just said. That is amazing. So i got her business card and in case i need to ask more in the future.

SUPER MAGICAL NIGHT for me. And the ending is SUPER COOL.... WHATEVER!!! ... ha..ah... you want to know why i said the WHATEVER? One of the magician said that his twin 14 years old daughter is saying that to him now. Its the IN THING... he said.

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