Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Photos at the Pool - Monday

Jinny and Family(Jinny,John,Ryan & Steven) from San Francisco and Us

Zura & Jinny 'CUTE' Pose...

PS. This family i met at the pool was on holiday from San Francisco. A seven hours drive back today. Jinny was very nice. A real woman. Not fake. And a really simple family, i must see. Simple and happy. Its a family. I like them. We talked a lot, a very interesting information they share with me and how to go about. Which at this moment i am thinking of what to do for the rest of my last few days here. So i got something plan for Luqman and myself and of course my mom. Well, so far I've learned a lot and that i must say - everything happens for a reason - and that make me SMILE..

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