Monday, August 13, 2007


Last night was a quiet night. Didn't go anywhere but watched a movie at home after dinner. I watched again "The Skeleton Key". Yes, and after watching it, i just couldn't imagine but well, you know, things happen. If you want to know why i said that, just go and watched "The Skeleton Key", then you know. I was off to bed after that.

Everything was ok until i got woken up by my bad dream which was about 2.45am. I was breathing hard in that dream. Amazing that woke me up. Then one of my closest friend Anne from Rimba called me at 5.06am. Yeah, its 8pm in Brunei kan. So, hard for me to sleep. Like tidor-tidor ayam tia after that. Oh well, what to do. But i managed to sleep pun until bout 11am. Lunch with fren at the Indian Fast Food at 12.15pm. And now home writing my blog.

There are some funny, sad, disappointed, happy episodes in my life i didn't quite actually share with anyone here, but i m thinking to upgrade my blog so i can put a few segments where you can click on it and find out about different side of me and how i am towards things that happen in my life and how i managed it and becoming who i am now. Not much, but a good experience and lessons to me. My experience in life is my teacher towards heading to where i am going to be in years to come. That i have to think over and over again and it would be my upcoming project aboutzura.

DREAM?....I wonder what is the meaning of DREAM? Why we DREAM? What do we have to do if we DREAM? Do we share our DREAM? Or what?

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