Monday, August 6, 2007

What would you do?

Today at mid noon on the way to Ice Land in Paramount City, i saw a woman at the traffic light with her three dogs. One big grey one (real big one), and the two was small ones (black & dark brown). The dogs goes bizarre, i think, excited to cross the street with no patience..and the owner just panic without thinking of her own life. Dangerous lah from my view tadi atu. But anyway, what happen was, she drop her phone trying to get her dogs together, satu ke kanan, satu ke kiri and satu lumpat-lumpat inda betantu....Ia pun lompat lompat sampai phone nya tegugur.

So ngam at the trafik light atu, green light, and jalan lah. Rasa serba salah you know. Then before exiting to the freeway, make a U Turn and back to the gas station next to that trafik light. I turun and got the phone yang in the middle of the road atu. Luckily no cars lah run into it. So then tried to look for the owner down the street but didnt see her. Vanish like that saja. Then, stop to call and leave the message. But driving toward the end of the street, i saw her and pass her the phone. Then off to the Ice Land. Wow.. a long drive. So many exit on the freeway but the end sampai jua.

I feel good eh after that. Now, we would like to have someone out there jua if tani ketinggalan phone ka, camera ka or whatever belong to us to be return kan. Tapi not all the time orang kan memberi balik barang yang tani kehilangan. I must say, i did almost lost my phone during keramaian kali, and but that person who found my phone returned my phone and i never got to know who that person is. I thanked that person so much and there's no way i can repay back. Bukan senang kan membalas budi baik orang, tapi always berdoa for that person for di perluaskan rezeki. Amin... Mudahan sapa saja yang buat baik rah orang lain, dalam whatever cara pun, akan di balas kebaikan yang lebih lagi arah nya... Insyallah... Amin..

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