Sunday, August 19, 2007


Collide. I am glad this happen and will open a new chapter in the episodes of my life soon. You just have to be patient when things doesn't go smoothly as you thought. And you know you are doing the right thing. That is all with Allah's blessing.

I am wide awake this morning, 7.32am here, Sunday morning and i know Brunei is Sunday evening at 10.32pm. Listening to Jessica Simpson's and other songs in my playlists. Sweet in the morning. All i want to have my own freedom in my heart. Playing someones heart is not healthy. And i know what i been through thought me a lesson.

Always ada hikmah dalam apa jua if something happen. And we never know the new chapter would be better than the last. Whatever negativity that you felt need to be dealt and must be with the flow lah ah. Sometimes you just feel like its the end of the world, well only that moment saja when you are in that situation. But when you really open your eyes, its actually a clear bright light di depan you and for you to reach it saja lagi.

No need for regrets, even sometimes i felt it, but you know, what is regret? I am thankful for all that happen. If there's no regret, life won't be fun. If there is no pain, what's is life? All of this count. Gosh.. like mess up ah the relationship plang bunyinya.
Now, i just open my eyes, i am typing here i felt like i am not blinking. But its how you see things kan. But anyway, that's the end. Have a great day. I am going back to sleep. I want to rest and probably go swimming later. Oh well.. life is life... I am smiling now. Good day to you who read this blog anywhere in the world. Numb rasanya my heart ani... :)

Life is too short to waste. Enjoy life to the fullest. If you are sincere with anything in your life, i am sure you will have the best life of all.

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Hajah Kamariah Hasbullah said...

Wow! I love tis blog! Yes Zura, I do Believe in KARMA and everything HAPPENED memang ada HIKMAH tersendiri! I salute u babe! May ALLAH BLESS our life! AMIN~