Friday, August 17, 2007

Life - how i see things

Today is just as great as other days. Very interesting when i woke up this morning. Very early too. Pukul 6 am you know. Just by reading the shout box i have on the right corner makes me smiles.
So we all have our different views in life i must say. I like that so much with all the original comments on my blog. And whatever it is i will do the best.
One thing about human i know, from the experience i've been through is that everyone of us are just so unique. Born with all the uniqueness atu, makes everyone special and have their own way of living. Ha..ha... to me that is reality.
Some people would like you and some don't and some somewhat there and some would praise on you. That goes the same to you too who read my blogs. I am the type of person who can accept things the way it is. I don't mind you express your words in whatever way. It represents yourself too.
I am not a university's graduate, and i must admit my grammar are bad. I told my friends about that too. I can speak it well like others for their second language and i am not afraid of how i express my words. That's me...ha.a.a. what to do.. but i am most thankful to Allah to give me all the opportunities in my life that i am able to handle it with lots of courage, determination and patient and with the words of wisdom from others makes me the person who i am now and i will not look at "failure" as the answer for the solution to my life.
There are reasons why people say the way they did about you. They care even if it sounds mean to you (sometimes you've to be a **tch to be good to someone). To me i see it as love. They care for you and that's the way they express it. They notice you, and they say something to you whatever it is, means that they want the best for you. They love you.
All you have to do is to see it and take it positively in life, why they say it, is not for you to question, but for you to build yourself up knowing that there are people out there who cared for you so much that they don't realize that they are the one who push your spirits up to be a better person. But again, if you see it the other way round, then you be dead.... dead in your heart. dead in your mind and thinking. Dead in you. And just dead all the way and you will never see the light that you are supposed to be see and reach for it.
Well, i am out for lunch now. I will continue again if i were to bump into new chapter in the episods of my life. ha.a.a everyday like that kali ah.. i will update more with spice to make this interesting... why not... Salam to you. Have a super extraordinary great day!!

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