Saturday, November 20, 2010


What i had for b'fast this morning? Oh you really want to know.
Okay.. woke up, hungry. A glass of warm water. Got pickeled
onion, i think i have 5 pieces of that. A cup of green tea.

After that, walk around the house, checking some clothes for
laundry.. yup i am going to do my laundry today. I washed my
own towels. And towels are important to me too. Love good
towels.. towels is tuala or plural nya (tualas). Haha!!! I made

that one up.. heheh. Yup... i need that smile. Good for you.

Still hungry. Oh i got left over Fettuccine in the fridge. Plan to
make sup bee hoon today for lunch. More like Ipoh bee hoon
sup. Well i sort of got the tasting ingredients when i was in Ipoh
a long long time ago. That would be 'once upon a time' ... ah!

Okay, Fettuccine. Oh got some baki of tuna chilli in the frigde
too. Must be the labihan extra from tuna sandwich. Still good.
Now... i must have this for b'fast. What i do with it?

I am naming it as Fettuccine Tuna Zura way.. Yes way. Haha.. i
love food and i enjoyed naming whatever receipe i want when i
make or bake em. You don't have to be worried about not being
the PRO CHEF. You can still live and live fun and happy with the
food you create.

You go out and about, wherever in the world,
you pick up the taste of the food you ate, that if you enjoy
eating. Different story if you like shopping only and probably
you will one day open a store or start whatever with whatever
you like and learn. hehe...Me, still eating.

Okay... my bfast receipe. Need not worry with
nothing to eat. You will always find someting to eat. Just make
that move to start cooking. I know i am not an expert, and being not

an expert atu tah telling you that you .. yes you also can cook. So..
when i can cook, no matter how you say you can't, you can
actually cook.

Its in you and just make that move and start
cooking. I know the first one will be a ... may be turn well or not, still its
your cooking and how you cook that makes it work and unique. I would
love to be invited by you to see your first cooking.. why not.

Okay i am still writing. Okay.. okay... here how i make my

2 garlic. Chop chop. Heat pan.. pour olive oil. Throw in
the chop chop garlic. Let it until you smell the aroma.. then the
tuna chilli. Fettuccine in, sprinkle salt, a pinch of tomatoo pure ..
DONE!!! Get a white plate for the pasta. Fork to eat it with. OH..
lovely. Simply and just for you.

I ate mine already. Oh i forgot, if for you only, just not so much
with the pasta. Maybe just a cup size for bfast. Cooolll.. you
want to try it? let me know.

You can add red onion or purple onion, all up to you.
I am plain and love my food plain. Love
garlic too.. So i didn't want to add other onions because i
wanted to enjoy the taste of garlic... Haha!!!!

Everyday is always a new experience for me whenever wherever
i am and eating.. YOu?

Selamat Mencoba... Enjoy your b'fast.

Oh no.. i said i want to do laundry. But the weathere out there
look very mendung. What is mendung... cloudy.

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