Friday, November 12, 2010


I just wonder what's running in his mind?? Not even a blink. Really wonder whats in everybody's mind? Wow!!!!! I have never see one like that since BKK? Yes.. i remember, since BKK. But here in J? That's someting. Something run wild in my mind. Ops!!! That is serious. What? Here in J? No way. For all i know in T only. And yes topless in other countries... ! i laugh with blood rushes in my adreline. Gila!!! Berabus my mind oleh nya. In J? I can't believe it eh. But i've seen it. Yes once is enough. Wow!!! Saw men like lorry drivers sat in the middle of the SJ, and as soon as it finished, a live band from quite a popular group on, well... they got up and went back. OOOOOhhhh... i told my friend, au jarih tu karang. But not sure siapa? Crazy i have to say, but puas to see that it does exist. Only the Girls, how bout the men? Apparently got. But when? Not staying longer.. All i can say, my ears were red, i blushed, and its HOT! What a day today to start my Friday here in J. I can't say no more. But if i am really relax, may.. just maybe i will share what i see with my naked eyes.. Haha.!!

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