Friday, November 19, 2010


Sometime you wish you're the one. How many times you wish you were the one? Wishes comes true for some, others just still waiting.. accepting it or just waiting in vain. How's your wishes? Your wishes come true?

How many wishes have you made and ask and pray for it to come true? Are you really wanting your wishes to come true or just something you wish that you wish not?

Some wishes something they wish not but wish too.. withouth think. Ever think that it would never occur to you what you wish for are not the wishes that you actually wishes for.. mmm...

Confused? ... read it again..

Did you ever wish for something you never ever think of wishing but the slip of your tongue the words of wishes flows without you even realize and it happen? And yet what you really wish for ... all these years never comes.. Ever?

Still confused? ..

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