Sunday, December 9, 2007


I am working at the moment from 12am to 3am. Later at 6am i be with friends kan ke Miri. Again? Yup.. jalan jalan ja. Not shopping. Just the trip for today. Be back in the evening kali. I heard our first stop at e-mart, then pasar and etc etc lah. I tried to bring my camera and take some shots. See how interesting its going to be... all girls eh kali..

I just bawa duit makan saja. Not much. I probably going to look for fruits and cakes. May be if kami stop over at the book store, then get one book for me. See girls outing. What am i going to wear? Well, just jeans, T's and slipper. Hope weather be good later.

I am so looking forward for this trip.

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