Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Album of Budget Trip to Kota Kinabalu

This is the first i took when we were stuck in a jam..

yang sebelah ku ani betxt inda beranti...he.e..e
i said baik tah begambar dulu...

I though this was sweet... my children..

still waiting in que at 7.30am

like this is what happen when ......notice the double lane.. yes.. i thought so...

still quing ....patiently

again.. notis you...

after all that, singgah di Bangar, Temburong and stop at the shop to buy EZ for some people.. and then break at this one place, like a lake and have our say... our lunch... Ps. i bawa bubur, bovril, fishball goreng, pusu goreng, udang kering goreng, apples, sweets and etc..... and the others bawa mee hoon goreng etc... very nice. First time ni.

My baby Luqman and me..
Yes... posing taim makan ya...

you see the lorry, there is where it start.. what start.. jam lagi

when i look back...

on the feri

this is dari Temburong to feri... see..

So now we are on our way to KK...

Walaupun stranded here and there, we all enjoyed the trip. Dari awal ani nda rushing rushing... just plain travelling relax relax saja... orite... this is the one part of "The Album" and coming soon the rest.. see betapa we enjoy it.

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