Monday, December 3, 2007

5 Things You Are Grateful In 2007

Okay... This is what Iril ask me early in the morning. And i got to answer it Less than 5 mins. How about you? Don't cheat if you ask this to yourself. And set your stopwatch and see how you do.

Ps. If you see stars and birds hovering over your head, then think hard no matter what, still in counting, take your time and i hope you figure it out soon before the year ends.

The 5 Things I am Most Grateful 2007.

1. Good Health - not so bad this year, Alhamdullilah

2... The Pinch Of Love - Where? That's a secret.

3. Family, Friends, Relationship - Ups and downs still surviving, learning about their
sensitivities towards things, dodging the bullets of sabotage (ps.from my friends, and a bit from family members), surviving in INSECURITies of the...tut...tut....tut...Uh..gosh...too many to be censored.. And Banyak lagi lah.

For example:

Family - Bringing me closer even more. Important part of my life being with them.

Friends - Some are good and some are not. I am being frank. But its good to have them both. Place your friends close to you, and your enemies closer.

Relationship - The worst phase that's beyond my control (in most cases things in life are beyond our control) but this one was the worst for me that break me down into unexpressable words and that wakes me up and open my eyes wide. It reminds me to love myself more than others.

4. Blogging - New way in expressing myself. I got addicted to it and i am loving every minute of it. It changes my life truly.

5. Travelling - I took a trip to the United States twice this year. Found a different view of living. A visit to Dallas in February and Los Angeles, California in July. So many to share and it was fun. Many experience in every way. Only me saja yang tau...he.e..e.

Apart from that, i am into photography, love taking pictures. Love reading. Love cooking. Not too good in gardening but love flowers. All and all, its not only about living and breathing but its all about surviving. Well done!!!

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