Sunday, December 2, 2007

Love & Hate Collides

Not a song ah.. Reality nya. Lets face it, jazz it...blues it... pop it....metal it....rock it... hate it... sentimental lah... still it collides. It was in my mind the whole day today. I love to be love and loved..... By the way, I saw my star tonite in the sky. Beautiful. Been a while.... I smiled. Just so refreshing, it reminds me when i was at Malibu Beach in California and when angin meniup my face, i just smell the sea... (Ps. i actually name the stars after my name - Zura - when i was standing atas pasir di Malibu Beach that night, with cool wind blowing all over me, and you can hear the whispers of the sea)

I really love ketenangan. And there are so many ways for ketenangan. Up to you, use your skill and power it up yourself, forward positive and insyallah you'll have. The techniques are with you, and you only can use it for yourself. Others, their own way.

After work at 6pm today, reached home and start cooking. And i slice bit by bit the meat, and prepared the rest. Nasi already cooked. Then again, my experimental recipe, daging honey. Sayor tarong sambal and labu timun and sardine. Last the omelette's for the children. I enjoyed makan with the children. You have to puji them for them to love the food, and always tell them that they are a good boy or a good girl. Must eat and habis guarantee tu.

Rest watched Phua Chu Kang... kang kang.. and drink my green tea after that. Mandi (i smell like belacan..huh..). Ha.ah.a.a. Now, i got to sleep. Tomorrow HBD with Iril. Gosh.. alum ku tidor??????

Nyte nyte....

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