Monday, December 31, 2007


au eh.. confirmed i can't used my NOKIA 6300 anymore.... short circuit habis gone gone gone !!!!!!!!!! just bought it and now gone.. A Sign. I suka like like that phone so much... and abis tia. But neyhew... what to do.. plan to save up and get a new one next year.

wanna know wot happen? well... i was at a frens house, and wanted to use the toilet.. and i put my phone at my back pocket of my pants kan.. and nah.. imagine tia.. jatoh dalam toilet and can you imagine how many second i stared at it? well, not even 10 second and i ambil it and rampak rampak and on it.. (how s****d was i at that time) but mind you, i didn't know that i inda boleh on the phone after that. Sedih ku eh. Never had the experience bah. But now well a lesson lah kali. Wot to do.. sayang eh.

That guy c Jay at the mall said, i can still use the spare part if i want to. I keep saja nya the phone. Ok lah. If anyone want to buy the spare part nya, ada with me tah kali tu. Let me know saja.

tinggal kenangan saja. huhu...

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