Friday, December 7, 2007

December 2007

This is our Pelangi Artist Of The Month for December 2007. Diana 'nama sebenar' pun 'nama Glamor'. Diana..Diana... Check it out with our pose here ah. We tried our best to get the best shot... (After the interview on Wednesday 5.12.07)

So, after seeing our shots, which one was the best? Oh yeah, Diana ask me bout' my b***.. hehe..e. she thought i have it done in the states. No lah, cali lah you. We laugh all the way from the minute she step in the studio, we were just talking non stop. Although my English tunggang tebalik, but at least we still can communicate... Its been a while, the last time i remembered, i met her at the studio A kali. When all the artists came to do something lah ya.. and yeah i did have the picture of us. I will post it soon. So now, that i met her and interviewed her, she is married and she immediately got two children. Yeah loh... magic kan... I let you figure it out yourself how she have em... he.e.e.e.. (Diana, let see how ah.)
So anyhew, i prepared few questions jua, but the rest spontaneously saja, and well, got good answers. I like the part where Diana said, now she realized that you don't have to share everything or tell everything about yourself to someone and banyak lagi lah. I know that when i was in my late teens. That's why i am very close to my mother and she is the only best friend i have now. Also like the part she said, that life flip. Meaning, whatever you do in life we never know when it flip. So if you think you are so great out there, its ok. But if you think you are so great and sabotage other for wanting more for yourself, well HELLO, you are as human as us, and if our world flip, yours would too.
Hiya!!! complicated ya. Inda jua deh. I like the song from FaraWahidah "Rakus". That be for yang tamak, and gila keduniaan saja. Oh well, sambong lagi about our Artist Of The Month December 2007, Diana would be singing with pendengar on the 19.12.2007 starts at 4pm to 5pm. Its going to be fun. And just go to for the lyrics. And Insyallah i will be on duty again for Rentak 2-6 and i will be with her.
Many many things we talk about. A very interesting young woman, honest, great voice, simple and relax and banyak lagi yer... Keep it up Diana and i hope its not too late to wish you Congratulations on your wedding, may Allah Bless You and hope for the best for you.
Ps. if you want to write songs, consider all the pengalaman you been through. The good, bad, sweet, harsh, sour, fun, sad, crazy, downfall, happy, teary etc.. moments you have in your life and sit take the time and start writing. Then you will have your album "DIANA". uh... i can't wait.
See ya soon on the 19.12.2007!!

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