Tuesday, December 11, 2007

At Tasek today

The way to go behind the waterfall. Naik bukit yang be pit atu, then straight up, go side pagar rah lake atu, and you will see on your left.. yes then go down..

The view from atas, the waterfall toh..

The Waterfall View.. nice kan..

Wazie.. She didn't realized that we actually went di belakang waterfall.. Amazing..
The Waterfall at Tasek Peranginan, Bandar Seri Begawan..

And also this one lah.. still can use..

This is one of my daily activity. Weather wasn't friendly today, but that didn't stop me from going. I love going to tasek. Drizzling lah at the end. Today wanted to go up and round the waterfall kan, sekali the jambatan kecil yang ada untuk crossing atu no more there. I guess hujan so lebat last night and hanyut tia.

That's Wazie my friend. So yesterday we went kebelakang the waterfall, it was ok. Weather pun a bit ok yesterday. But today, mendung, went in, but got to pusing balik. But we met some guys there with 2 orang anak anak dorang, we told them no jambatan kecil. And i said, you got to swim to go across. And you know what?? Yes they did. We met them again di bawah, and all of them were wet. That was crazy. But i guess it was adventurous to the. Laki Laki... so true..

Instead, went back from where we start, and naik bukit yang satu lagi. Not bad, but muddy. Uh.. atu tinggi. But we managed to go up and go down. But on the way down, i was imagining kalau we used the other route ke bawah, then teslip tia.. ha.a..a.a i told my friend she probably have to use the rope yang ada atu to drag me out.... Imagine tah kami.. we were laughing. And hey, ada this guy naik ke bukit, he put both of his hands behind his back kan. And so relax bah he naik rah the steps atu. I told Wazie, easy kali naik like that. And i did what he did, au eh.. not bad. It actually work. How's that... oh well....

Didn't do much today. Restless, woke up at 10.45am. Ia tah.... Took 2 slice of whole grain bread and a glass of milk. Lunch i had apple. The rest, just water. A bit hungry jua now, but i guess i am going to eat oats. That's much better and bit too late to eat now. I need to sleep soon, as tomorrow I have a meeting. Well, we plan to go Bukit Shahbandar, but we need to get some friends to join us too. I never been to Bukit Shahbandar, i heard bukit nya tinggi tinggi and i heard the guys are ........ and the girls are ...... . Tau apa tu? cun cun nya....

He..he.. i dont know how you can naik bukit, and see all that. Ahhh.... Well, i guess syok jua while exercising and cuci mata. I need to try that sometime. But, when i think of the bukit tinggi tinggi, well, let see dulu lah. Wazie and myself are going to kumpul kan girls yang menangis nangis naik bukit atu, yang beri alasan never going there anymore. You know why, i wanted to see if we ever terasa kalau naik bukit ramai ramai. What do you think?

Wah.. i heard from my cousins and friends, naik bukit samai yang ke 11. Ya kah? You gotta be really fit to do that... huhu...

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