Monday, December 17, 2007

Cute bah

While some were preparing for the lunch buffet, tables and settings, i was at the sofa reading. Most of them from all over the world and came to have their lunch. I overheard one of them family came all the way from Australia and this time he was with his wife, and son and daughter. He introduces them to all his friends there. "Been a year" he said. And i thought wow... that is so cool just to be there for celebrating their Xmas.

I sat at the sofa, Xmas tree was right on the right hand corner, boxes of games on the tables, children wonder about in the big space of the upper level of the restaurant. David is only baby there . He is fourteen months old. Playing next to me. So cute... and one of the girl sat next to me. She was sweaty.. and mushy... well, i wondered kalau she baru lepas dari swimming. But she said nop. So she sat next to me, all the way. I finished reading my book and was getting ready to go.

We were talking about her experience in travelling and the pictures in the catalog. Cute bah the way she cerita to me, tiring katanya. She didn's sleep. I guess jetlegged. And the picture, Gingerbread!! She said she did the gingerbread and it was hard. Then i asked her what she loves to do? She said that she wanted to make ice cream. I told her i love chocolate ice cream. And she said she loves strawberry. Well, we were imagining our ice cream flavors and what we can add to make it yummy..... banyak lagi cerita kami atu... she make me smile and those were one of the cute moments for me. I wish i have a girl.

I told my brother who sat on the other sofa with wife nya, that i would love to have one more baby. A girl would do. He smileee... i said i would love to have one like this.. cute eh... but anyhew it doesn't matter lah. Boy or Girl will do. Yang penting one more. But to get one more, how?

Talking about babies... Then we move on from there packed our things and zoom off to Brunei. I thought of arriving at 8pm. But long Que and it took us almost 2 hours before we got on the feri. Ery and wet all the way... the end reach the border point at 10pm. Ok lah. Now am at the office keeping myself busy. I still miss someone that remain in my heart. I woke up today, i said to myself, this is human behaviour only. So well... i guess i accepted whatever happen. Tiap tahun berlalu begitu fast sekali and to waste another moment of kesedihan, just so rugi. Just wait and see saja lah.

Smiling is the ubat for everything... Got to keep going... Ps. i got to post the "Album of the Budget TRip".... coming soon.

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