Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Day Gone By

ops..12.29am already. Baru jua i feel like habis kerja. The days ah nowdays goes by very fast lah. I wonder if you feel the same too. Itu ini ah, then end of the day and the start of a new day. That's what i feel, i guess it only matter to me. Oh well..

Went to work as usual today at Hiburan 914 and that is at 10am to 2pm. Jumaat today, and haven't been working for a while on Friday. Sms not working lah today.. what lah? From 10am to 2pm no sms. So segmen only with phone saja. But it goes well jua lah, just feel handicap ja without smsnya. Would be better pulang.

Off work, took a nap bout' an hours or so, then went out to get Luqman's books for next year. Rupanya tinggal berapa hari saja lagi sekolah ani. And i can't believe Luqman be in Primary 5. His baju sekolah still ok from last year, shoes pun masih ok, bags untuk sekolah pun masih boleh pakai, pencils etc pun still ok, so need not buy the barang lagi. All need to lapis saja lagi his books. That i must do it before end of this year. He.e.e. projects for all the parents who have children. Yes , inda boleh miss toh...

I think yesterday, i went to watch The Legend, and tadi malam i went to watch National Treasure Nicholas Cage kali ah... huhu.. my favourite man.. eh.. my favourite actor..In this movie i like all the characters. The actress and actors fantastic. Very facinating the movie. Inda mengarut sangat and straight to the point. Although, in reality that don't happen in a day. The mom buat me laugh when i watch the part the father said it been 25 years and Nicholas said 35 kali ah.. so i figured mother nya garang sikit. Well, not garang lah, its just that sometimes men never understood woman...(ops.. it happens), just so different with men and woman lah. That's why things happen kan. So anyway, i like the part the father said, do you have a bottle of water which the mother said tarus, i got the water.. what are you blind?.. some sort close to that lah... that make me laugh berabiz... Sometimes i must admit i have that character in that woman... the mother.. i laugh it out loud...

Anyhew, went to TT Blues Cafe for supper lah yah. And gues what? Ada live band. Yes i am serious. At least nyaman jua rasanya ada hiburan sikit. I felt like i was not in Brunei. But good they finish at 12am. That's good. I sempat took a picture from far saja lah.. The band group kalau tak silap AMTS. I asked the waiter and waitress disana where they from, inda tau bilang orang. Apalah, this is what i meant by ignorant. If you are working atu, commit yourself lah jua ah.. Anything to do with the restaurant, its your bussiness too as a staff kan.By the way, every Friday and Saturday saja, from 8 to 9ish starts, until 12am saja.

So anyhew, i wonder where are young people from? If you know, please let me know ya. The food at the restarurant very excellent that i must say. And i wish next time, the waiters and waitress know who be playing next. So to promote the band group and the restaurant lah. Why not?.. kerja sama..

Driving back tadi, i like the idea of young people hanging out exchanging thoughts and new ideas. Like in a month, you can set your time to meet up with friends, and have coffee. Not selalu lah. Duit lagi tu kan. When your mom or daddy gives pocket money every week, you save it. And go out with friends twice a month ka, or once a month. Make sure to introduce to your parents who you are with. And when they gives you the trust, use it wisely. Jangan betrayed them. I am sure your parents be wise enough jua not to mengongkong you. But that also depends on your parents. If you are 18 and above, you deserves to go out but make sure again, to tell your parents who you with and your whereabout. If you are younger, then all again depends on your parents. But today, was different. For the first time, i saw live band again in Brunei. Although i heard some places are also doing the same thing, but ani tah yang baru ku liat. Kecian jua Zura ani.. what to do..

And today i miss tasek. I think of tasek this minute jua, nah i got something to write tah jua.. Hujan tadi, well, i told my friend, jangan tah ke tasek. Tamparik, kalau masok ke hutan nya, lakat rah pokok, inda orang nampak.. inda cali tu..

Beguruh bekilat awan mendung,

Hujan lebat bumi menaung,

Percikan hujan chuk..chuk..chuk..

Merenung naugnan angan jauh,

Cahaya matahari menerangi bumi,

Namun hujan kekal membanjiri

Membanjiri kelopak jalanan

Air bertakong di dada bumi

Menahan perasaan sunyi

Dalam keresahan diri.....

di tulis oleh Zura914FM 22.12.07

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anakbrunei said...

Hi Z, nice bumping into you at Mabohai the other day :) The local band you saw at TT Blues was I Mean The Snakes (IMTS). These boys ROCK dont they? Heheh! More stuff on them here and at their official website,