Saturday, December 22, 2007


IMTS. Not AMTS...huhu... I Mean The Snakes... rupanya. Thank you anakbrunei for showing me the link. They rock, seriously they do. Yes i do think so. A different version of rock. Unique too. I bet many bands out there yang as hebat as them ya. So i always heard from friends, especially live band, macam macam lah comment yang di beri as though they themselves know or have the guts to perform. Padahal what you need to do, is just appreciate what these guys (band group) have done. Something different and extraordinary. I can't rock like that but they can. And each band have own uniqueness with their performance. I like that... inda tertiru tiru. Like ada jua yang tertiru tiru.. cuba tah... But hey, WELL DONE TO ALL BAND GROUPS IN BRUNEI though i seldom crush into you all. But i wish you all the best for the future and be it BE EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!! Salut.

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