Monday, December 24, 2007


Good shoes hard to find
Good shoes hard to come along
Good shoes that fit you take too long to find
Good shoes perfect one that you want

When you find your good shoes
Hard to let go because its your good shoes
Heart to heart you and your good shoes
To let let go.. just a your good shoes

Along the way with your good shoes
Want to keep it ok your good shoes
bought a new shoes just for your good shoes
but still your favourite always your good shoes

Torn favourite shoes
Still favourite shoes
No matter what you will not let go
its your Favourite shoes.. be it forever ...
Fits well. Very strong. Quality. So perfect too...
Lastly.. it may be perfect, but sometimes it got to go too...

ps. i bought a ballerina flat shoes pastel pink "Jessica Simpson" from USA. I wore it to the beach yesterday. I suddenly kan write about shoes. When i looked at my pink ballerina flats, i love it. Even dalam kereta, i said if it rain, i will jalan kaki ayam saja... he.e.e. and i said to myself too.. shoes.. kurang labih jua ah. So.. i hope you can figure it out what i tried to share. - like relationship kan, well this is from my view lah ah.. may be inda sama with you. So, like the shoes lah, you find a perfect one that fit you. Then.. eh buat apa i tell you ya.. i wrote it sudah about shoes.. so you figure it out lah. No need explain lagi.. he.e.e.

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