Friday, December 7, 2007


Yeah me. The latest one nie. So i think i am gaining weight. I like it. It make me so cute.. (vain ya). But its ok. Once in a while must puji yourself, otherwise sapa lagi.. I just love this pink top. Guess, i been wearing it for 4 days in a row. Seriously. Nada bau. My body nada bau catu. Alhamdulillah. (And jangan marah ya.).
Since Wednesday, after work at 6pm, went straight home and masak. Yes masak again. Went out again with my son antar laundry and antar barang jahitan. Some baju need to di usai kasih kecil. Adjust here and there. Then ke Q.lap bawa him to check mata. Done, lepas tu went to the bank to get some cash, to pay here and there. Drop by rah Dream Cones, and got our favourite ice-cream. My son and me saja nie bejalan. A friend called me up, and i told this friend i bejalan with my budyguard... ketawa and proud my son mendengar. Ha.ha.a....
He got the Rocher' flavor ice-cream and i got the choc and banana flavor. I would like to call it "chocana"... he..e. not bad eh. I just love the ice-cream there at Dream Cones. Best would be the 'rocky road'. But i am ok with the rest of the flavor. I am into choc flavor. Love the sweetness.. like me ah.
That for the night. Balik rumah, baca buku The Historian jap and tidor. So the next morning, Thursday, work suboh at 6-10am. And i was there at 5.30am. I bangun at 4.50am, took quick shower, ate 2 slice of bread and green tea. Then work till 10 am. I must say i have a great time at work. It was amazing how i felt that morning. To overcome the stress i have at the moment, i lawan it with a good time at work. Yeah, i did it... Well done Zura.... (again jangan jeles ya). That's just me.
Balik rumah, masak and that afternoon kemarin, ke Miri again. On the saja, went to Miri at 4pm and reach there at 6.30pm. Have my facial, then done at 8pm. Jalan beli proidge (ps. to my friend ah.. PORIDGE.. atu real poridge ya...he.ehe..e.) at McDonald, got apple pie for desert, Ice Blended Mocha Coffee with Cream (yum yum..) at the Coffee Bean there, and balik ke Brunei. Makan in the car. I went with mom, brother Ed, Nurul, Luqman, Ameenah, Mikayle and my self. Yes sekerita pakai Avanza. He..e.. syok wen someone drive.
Sampai rumah at 11pm. Very tired, wash up and titun......zzzzzzzzzzz

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Anonymous said...

just wondering, kalau kan cari glamour ani...mesti ampai2 boobs ka...? mcm common dah barang ani di mana2...