Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Trip - Pt.1

Here i am in Miri. Stop at this Internet joint and just can't help it. Ok.. we left from Bandar at 6.47am and reach here Miri at 9.57am. So all i remembered was that i fall asleep from Tutong onwards and when i opened my eyes were were at the Sungai Tujoh Toll. Fresh rasa nya jua. Imagine i slept only berapa jam atu pun susah nak bangung. Bangun ok, mata tak mau layan. There are 33 of us passengers and i sat just behind the driver. I can see the view better and its not so stuffy.

Our first stop not at e-mart. That be the last on the way back. So Tamu Miri our first stop. Then Imperial Mall. Then Bintang plaza. We stop at Tamu at 9.57am and were given 45 min to wonder around. Then shoot off to Imperial Mall at 10.45am and stayed for 2 hours. I had my lunch with some friends. Left Imperial and to Bintang Plaza. My friends are all over the place and the rest of the passengers too. Here pun 2 hours jua. So next be Boluvard. And there for another hour. Then last be the e-mart. So then our journey back to Bandar again.

Not bad eh pakai bus ani. Sekali sekala. Why not. Jap lagi i m going to KFC to get chicken nuggets and Coffee Bean to get my Ice Blended Mocha with cream. I will post some pictures i took later tonight. I got to go. Its been interesting.

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anakbrunei said...

hey there zura! wow! I like the idea of going to miri by bus, but how to go about it? Is this a tour bus? If so, di mana booking? and how regular is it?