Wednesday, March 12, 2008

zebra crossings for Schools

We need "Zebra Crossings" for every schools in Brunei Darussalam. How? Lets think about it together-gether and see how many orang agree... Apart from us memikirkan about this, it is also for the school's initiative to improve safety at schools for our children. How many did you hear children kitani kena HIT AND RUN, and still we took it lightly because its not our children? Its others and they should be more careful, and tell their children to be more alert when crossing the road?????? HALLO???


The crossing must be serve by School Crossing Patrol Personnel at peak times and will make drivers more aware of schools within the area and will improve safety for all pedestrians at the junction. This is will be an excellent progress for the schools. And it is safer journeys to schools for our children and our parents to pick them up and we don't have to use so many policeman to jaga the schools within the area. This pictures here for contoh ja... got better pictures than this. I took this pictures from the internet sites.

Especially schools yang close to the main road, which is banyak toh.. and laju laju kereta like driver nya inda paham-paham that its their responsibilities to slow down. So in this case kan, should be about few kilometer sebelum reaching the schools must have the yellow light, meaning drivers atu must slow down to 20 to 30 km per hour, and kalau laju labih dari atu, meaning will get saman from the police. Catu saja cara nya. Then apabila di praktik kan, mentality kitani akan slowly berubah. And start accepting the new way bila berada di school junctions. (p.s. susah untuk change mindset, and nobody likes changes..)

It works in other countries, napa pulang inda di negeri tani sendiri. I must say, the new schools now very changgih, and i tell you, big perubahan di buat now at each and every schools in our country. By adding this zebra crossings in each school, then that would be perfect. Children pun safe and they will enjoyed studying. Parents pun at least feel better knowing their children are safe. And something new to be proud of.. an additional to our system.. Why not!!

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