Tuesday, March 18, 2008


you know what? Yesterday i had a great time. Ann took me to a lot of places in Bangkok. Well, i think so. She was so nice. Full day yesterday too. I went to meet her and we went to the canal. On the way, pass the avenue.. very interesting to see some part of Bangkok like Paris.. She showed me places and told me about the history of Bangkok and their Kings..

Haha.. sounds interesting. She told me she had to order the dvd from London 'Anna and The King".. i think title nya kali tu. So au.. pernah pulang me liat but lama sudah. Inda bejual di Bangkok eh.. Tired ku yesterday jua. Went for a Thai Massage.. very nice and i was so sleepy after that. Today, i plan to do something jua. But don't know what yes.

I was gone last nyte wen i got to the room. Makan just cracker or krikis ja semalam ah, had tea and fall asleep. Took pictures jua. Jap ah, i post it in a minute. Oh.. i wonder about the emak tiri thing.. somebody commented about like aaaaa... jangan what about emak tiri and ask about yourself to anaktiri??? i didn't quite get that. I think that person talking about the write up few days ago kali. Oh well...

Inda jua ada differentnya me being away. I was doing some experiencing to myself ganya. I am good and yeah.. still sama jua dih... ha.ah... Not frust, just want to test myself. Apa lah... So em... kan bini bini ani got lots of emotions, pebaik tia kata inda.. pebaik tia kata "i am strong".. but ada tu masa nya gone tepunduk.. inda becakap ja. Its just i here, suka share my emotions because i want to see and like to refer it sometime, when and what day i am moody, i am happy, and etc.

Kalau inda caya, you do it. Its fun. And when you read back, that is how you feel on that day. Its not everyday. And its good and healthy. So, antara cara to let it go, to write about it, and up to you to share it or not. Depends... i like to share it because i am bini bini and maybe ada bini bini yang have the same situation as me, not all lah, but at least it helps them no to putus asa or give up in life no matter apa jua keaadan. So start writing and see for yourself. Link me jua ya..

Its good. motif untuk to move forward. Jangan lamah kalau ada comment yang memberi ijab.. yang memberi comment atu pun manusia. And remember manusia pun never perfect and never lepas dari masalah. Good if you receive good comment, good if you receive not good comment, but remember, when you write, people who gives comment means they are reading your story and they have feelings towards it and meaning it touches their soul too.

And some are angels and some are devils... So you be you and that's just you..... May Allah bless you...And hope you have a GREAT DAY TODAY!!!! KEEP SMILING PEBAIK TIA IF YOU HURT... SMILE KEEPS YOU GOING IN LIFE.



SuperMummy said...

Awu..i totally 101% agree with u kaka Zura. Ada masa moody..happy..feeling strong..feeling down..up..down..up..haha.
I salute kaka Zura,semangat ku lehnya. ecause of kaka Zura jua aku pun ketagihan dah blogging ani. Now i have my own...baru jua stat early this month. Thanks kaka Zura coz you make me realize bah tani manusia ani banyak kekurangan. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

salam thats true!!! As long as org yg ada perasaan while bca u blog.dpt merasakan sesuatu yg aneh.tak terkecuali me.u tulis real story yg berlaku dlm abat yg penuh cabaran ini.sensasi but true.u keluar umpama rama2, bkn mcm katak di dlm tempurung kaca.me salute u.its great.sory tk smpat ucpkn slmat berangkat tmpoh hari.smoga sucsess..just carry on.ps:capat pulang we all miss u.empty lah u tak de